The Official Training, Consulting, and Clinical Provider for PEAK and AIM 

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Expert scientists.

            Proven solutions.

Emergent Learning Academy's mission is to deliver premier scientific based solutions to behavior analysts, teachers, and parents caring for persons needing medical, educational, or social supports.

We embrace the scientist-practice model whereby the best clinical solutions come from a firm rooting in careful empirical discovery.


 We believe research is at the core of good practice, and should drive every clinical or educational decision made by a stakeholder.  When we produce tools for the clinician, professional or parent, these tools are built upon a heavy research foundation.  The materials themselves are also researched in order to carefully examine strengths and weaknesses, and eventual ultimate effectiveness.

Don't be fooled by fads in an oversaturated marketplace that often deliver empty promises.


We believe that the latest scientific discoveries need to be communicated to the constituents that need them the most.  Therefore we travel the globe to offer public and private training to groups committed to doing better with scientific based best practices.  

We also deliver a wide range of online training to provide information anywhere anytime to everyone.

Our trainings are interactive, engaging, and often can be customized to specific group, or entire audience needs.


We believe service delivery of our materials should be the exemplar of what others should strive to attain.  From our dedicated Emergent Learning Centers and Clinics, to our available individualized consultation and support at agencies around the world, we directly deliver what we teach, and coach others to do the same. 


Regardless if you are looking for service for your child, wanting to embark on school-wide interventions, or just scale up the quality offerings at your own facility, Emergent Learning Academy has the solution you need now.