PEAK Certification Level 1:


A completely new training for 2020 and delivered entirely by Dr. Mark R. Dixon, the author of PEAK.  

This 12-hour and BACB CEU available training provides an engaging journey through  the scientific underpinnings of PEAK, showcases the research on PEAK, explains the entire assessment process, details the assessment-to-treatment process, and finally walks through multiple examples of how to run PEAK treatment programs.   

Many video demonstrations, commentaries on balancing PEAK & other ABA care, integration in schools or home/clinic based programs, getting staff buy in, and how to start using this amazing assessment and intervention system right now.

"PEAK makes a huge difference."

"My mind was blown...."

"Way easier than expected"

"This training was amazing...."

"...I am going to change everything I was doing...."

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PEAK Level 1

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PEAK Level 2

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Master Class

Proposed Model of ACT within the Scope of Practice of Behavior Analyst

The PEAK Comprehensive Assessment (PCA): An ABA Standardized Language and Congnition Assessment

Part 1 - Introduction to ACT of Behavior Analysts by Dr. Ruth Ann Rehfeldt

Part 2 - Promoting Dignity with ACT: Representative Research by Dr. Ruth Ann Rehfeldt

Part 3 - ACT for Persons with Autism & other Development Disorders: Tools & Techniques by Dr. Ruth Ann Rehfeldt