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about peak

PEAK stands for Promoting the Emergence of Advanced Knowledge. It is an assessment and intervention program designed to teach language and cognition to individuals with autism or related disabilities.  PEAK has rapidly risen to the top of all possible ABA options for clients needing such services because of its dedicated research foundation, contemporary view on what ABA should be, and its easy to use evaluation and treatment protocols.  Regardless if you are a BCBA, teacher, social worker, or parent, PEAK is easy enough to understand.  The outcomes however are remarkably complex.  PEAK makes life different.

How does peak assess skills?

PEAK uses the ABA world's first standardized assessment, the PEAK Comprehensive Assessment (PCA) to evaluate the presence or absence of skills within a period of 1 - 2 hours.  Additionally, the PEAK learning modules contain their own pre-assessments and indirect questionnaire assessments that can be used in conjunction with or as alternatives to the PCA.  Following initial evaluation of need, individual treatment plans and goals are developed around the 736 unique intervention protocols which make up the PEAK curriculum.  

PEAK offers a range of programs that cater for language acquisition needs and cover aspects of language including:


Learn to relate abstract concepts, perform inductive and deductive thinking processes.

Learn how to think, not what to think.  Make inferences and solve problems.


When learning occurs in one environment, it needs to be promoted and ensured in many others.


Use of the power of direct reinforcement contingencies to make requests, label items, receptively identify words, pictures, and objects.  Engage in basic social exchanges and identify emotions.

Direct Training

As the curriculum moves from an early to a more advanced stage, it becomes complex and language skills become more sophisticated. Acquired skills are combined and generalized, transformed new novel puzzles.  The type that make up life.

How does PEAK teach skills?