PEAK Certification Program

To ensure a standardized level of educational competency, a formal Certification Program has been developed for persons trained in PEAK. This credential is only available through Emergent Learning Academy.  

Certification is a multi-level system that includes gaining a foundational understanding of what PEAK is, its history, administration procedures, testing, program design, and research.  Additional certification levels involve competency-based experiential training, and cumulating into eligibility as an official PEAK trainer.

Note: Individuals or businesses interested in being trained in PEAK will find all their training needs on this website.  Any additional trainings not listed here are NOT official PEAK trainings and do not lead to certification.

PEAK Level 1: Foundational Certification

PEAK Foundational Certification is designed to develop your roots of understanding how PEAK was designed, its research, and the general concepts behind assessment and treatment.  


Completion of 12 total hours of live or web-based training on these content areas will yield eventual certification. Attendees will be able to advertise and list themselves are "PEAK Certified - Level 1: Foundational."

Level 1 Certification is now available online!

PEAK Level 11: Experiential Certification

PEAK Experiential Certification is designed to strengthen your understanding of PEAK by direct engagement in tasks designed to evaluate your competency.  Attendees will administer and/or score PEAK assessments, develop their abilities to transfer assessment outcomes to treatment targets, and eventually administer various PEAK curriculum interventions. 

Challenging client performance remediations, data summary/graphing, and report writing are also covered in this training.


Completion of 10 total hours of live or web-based training on these content areas will yield eventual certification. Attendees  who completed Level 1 and this experiential course will be able to advertise and list themselves are "PEAK Certified - Level 2: Experiential."

PEAK Level 111: Trainer


PEAK Trainer Certification is achieved through a rigorous application process involving multi-day onsite observation and performance at an Emergent Learning Center or Clinic under the mentorship of a designated leadership member. Subsequently the applicant is evaluated in presence of multiple leadership members as they deliver content found within a Level 1 and Level 2 training. Additional partial presentations are performed and audience feedback is solicited.  An eventual vote is made by Emergent leadership with consultation on all supporting documentation, including at least 1 peer-reviewed paper on PEAK in the published literature.


Successful completion of all the above will allow the individual to be able to advertise and list themselves are "PEAK Certified - Level 3: Trainer."

Additional Information for Pre-2020 Certified Individuals

Any persons who received their PEAK Certifications under PEAKABA Solutions, can have their credentials updated and upgraded to current standards by contacting

Note: given the growing necessity of the PCA, it is HIGHLY recommended that all individuals complete the PCA webinar found on this website.