Streaming ABA Program Content

TelePEAK is a multi-platform streaming service of video content that will provide all the necessary stimulus conditions to deliver a wide variety of PEAK programs remotely on any device.

Pick the platform. Stream the video.  Deliver the content.  That's it!

In the growing culture of telehealth, this tool will make your job totally easier.


Pricing Information

One account.  All clients.  Unlimited streams.

Use TelePEAK on everyone you serve and stream the content as often as you like.  

Direct Training Module 


Generalization Module



Equivalence Module


Transformation Module  




ABA Like Never Before

Staff connect to the client via any screen sharing software, load the telePEAK video that corresponds to a client's programming needs, plays the video delivered trials, while concurrently delivering various sorts of reinforcers / prompts / feedback live to the client.

Depending on level of independence a parent may assist the child with device and consequence delivery.

30 Programs from every

PEAK Module

30 of the most commonly used programs from each PEAK Module.

Different varieties of stimulus presentations in each of these programs to keep your learner from just memorizing answers.


3 ranges of complexity for every program.  Easy, intermediate, and advanced.

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